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Text: Module 8

Our group is putting together a Social Media Guide for We Live New York - an organization to help promote Young Professionals and Young Professional Organizations in New York State.

Once we give We Live New York (WLNY) their Social Media Guide, we believe that they could face three main obstacles when trying to follow it. Our solution for these challenges can be avoided if they take the following steps:

1. Creating Interesting Content - Their audience needs to find value in the content they’re reading or else they would quickly lose their interest. By creating content that is relevant to the interests of WLNY’s target group, they will be more likely to return for more information.

2. Managing the Content - Once they begin creating valuable content, it needs to be maintained on a regular basis. New sources of information are constantly popping up all over the internet so if you don’t consistently update, you’ll lose their attention to another source.

3. Building up a Following - Creating interesting content and managing the content in a responsible way will help you retain your audience, but it will help build your following as you build your reputation as a reliable source of information.

In our presentation Friday, we will go over the tips and techniques that we found from our research about how to successfully follow these steps. Or you can explore the links below.

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